• Coffee Machine Descaler 425mL

Coffee Machine Descaler 425mL




•Suitable for automatic or traditional espresso machines

•Totally organic and biodegradable Improves efficiency of appliances by removing scale from thermos blocks and steam valves

•Non corrosive to metal parts and associated equipment commonly found in this environment

•Easy one-shot use

Product Description

Coffee Machine Descaler 425mL

AKTIVO Coffee Machine Descaler is a totally organic and biodegradable one shot Descaler designed to safely remove hard water scale and soiling from coffee machines, boilers, thermo-blocks, steam valves and associates parts. Hard water can cause lime scale to build up quick, and your machine can under perform and damage vital components over time. AKTIVO coffee Machine Descaler will prevent corrosion and help maintain your investment in enjoying another perfect cup.

Directions: For use on Automatic and Traditional Coffee Machines. Refer to instructions on packaging.

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