• Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g

Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g




•Effectively removes coffee and oily residues from espresso machines via the backflushing method

•Phosphate free

•Non corrosive to all metals

•Effective in all water conditions and removes hard water scale deposits

•Suitable for soaking group handles and porta-fillers

Product Description

Espresso Machine Cleaner 425g

AKTIVO Espresso Machine Cleaner effectively cleans espresso machines and assures you a fresh coffee every morning. Removes oily coffee residue, hard water scale deposits and soiling that build up over time that affects the taste of the coffee, and operation of the espresso machine. AKTIVO Espresso Machine Cleaner effectively cleans for better tasting coffee.

Directions: Clean machine at least daily to maintain great tasting coffee via soaking filters or back flushing method on packaging.

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