• Softener Salt 2kg

Softener Salt 2kg




•Softens the water in hard water areas

•Does not go onto the dishes during the cycle, instead goes through the softener unit before being drained with the waste water

•Use regularly to keep you machine at its peak efficiency

Product Description

Softener Salt 2kg

AKTIVO Softener Salt is a large crystal granular pure salt designed for your dishwasher with in-built softeners. High levels of minerals hamper the lathering of soap. AKTIVO Softener Salt softens the water for better cleaning and prevents water marks and streaks on your dishes. Use AKTIVO Softener Salt for premium quality and sparkling results for automatic dishwashers to give the best washing outcome always.

Directions: NOTE: This product is only suitable for dishwashers that have a dedicated salt reservoir, refer to packaging for dosage instructions.

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